Membership type and Fee:

  • Founder Members: The signatories to the Memorandum of Association shall be known as the Founder Members and payment of fee Rs.1100.
  • Life Members: Any person eligible to be an ordinary member under the rules hereinafter contained, on payment of fee Rs.1000 or more shall become a life member of the society.
  • Institutional Members: Any institution serving for the welfare of the society may join this society as member by paying prescribed fee (Rs.5000).
  • Donor Members: Any person eligible to be an ordinary member under the rules herein after continued, on payment of lump sum of Rs.21,000 (Rupees Twenty One Thousands only) or more at a time shall become donor member of the society.
  • Ordinary Members: The membership of the society shall be open to Indian nationals, who have attained the age of 18 years at the time of application for membership, and who have mentally and psychologically sound.
  • Honorary Members: The governing body of the society can appoint such persons, who have rendered distinguished service to the cause of art, culture, Science, Technology, Charity, Education and social welfare to be honorary member of the Society.

Benefits of membership:

  • Concessions in the registration fee in seminars/ workshop/ conference organize by association.
  • Membership certificate
  • Membership ID card
  • Free magazines, journals and newsletter of association