About Us

A Movement towards Inclusive Society

‘Association of Rehabilitation Professionals and Parents’ has been founded with the thought of an Inclusive Society that provides equal opportunity, full participation and protection of rights for persons with and without disabilities. We believe in equality and liberty for humanity.


Commitment for Inclusive Society


  • To advocate for establishment of need based services for persons with Special Needs.
  • To facilitate Inclusive Education for Children with Special Needs.
  • To advocate for appointing of Rehabilitation Professionals to provide need based services to Children with Special Needs.
  • To advocate for “Rehabilitation Professionals for Disabilities Act- 2015”.
  • To advocate for implementation of all the updated policies and conventions for Persons with Disabilities to meet the guidelines of UNCRPD.
  • To advocate for organize various training and sensitization programmes among teachers, parents, stakeholders and policy makers.


  • To work for overall development of persons with disabilities and other disadvantage groups of the society.
  • To facilitate children with special needs for inclusive education in inclusive set up
  • To advocate for appointment of Special Educators in each school of the country to provide need based services for the Children with Special Needs.
  • To advocate to establish therapeutic unit and early intervention centre at health centre in each block of the country.
  • To bridge the gap among teachers, special educators, parents and policy makers of the society.
  • To advocate to establish Department of Rehabilitation Science in each central and state government university.
  • To develop the research culture in the field of Special education and rehabilitation for persons with Disabilities.
  • To support for establishment of institutes, schools and colleges for human resource development.
  • To promote skills development programmes for persons with disabilities through Industrial Training Institute, Polytechnic College and other professional programmes
  • To advocate for appointment of permanent teachers, in education departments instead of guest/contractual teachers.
  • To advocate for appointment of permanent teaching faculty from special education in SCERT, NCERT, DIET, NCTE, B.Ed colleges and Universities.
  • To suggest government for establishment of resource centre in each district.
  • To facilitate basic necessities such as medical aids, stationary, transportation, library, E-library and other possible facilities for persons with special needs.
  • To organize workshops, seminars, conferences, symposiums on different educational and social issues.
  • To raise voice against any type of injustice and provide legal, medical aid, social economic help and assistance to the needy people.
  • To promote community participation in the rehabilitation of persons with disabilities.
  • To develop Community Based Rehabilitation centers.